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  • well I did what someone said to do I ran the program scan and it came back coomplete , but there is no files that tell me I have the wrong program key it just is not right for anyone to copy or steal from others butif whoever made this disk I have said i6t would work as 9 in 1 programs of xp I still have to go through all product keys to find the right one for said (my now program) I wanted to use it to learn how to fix pictures and objects of said notes to make an easier program for myself and use it but without Microsoft I have no use forth I will try to find out where I can use Microsoft updates and downloads to fix it once again.... I can't afford another dopers version of windows home OEM editions , please take care and forever I pay for what I have done on my own and will never blame myself I was not the one with learning defaults when I revised windows 2003 , I ust wished they give me back my copy of it , they took that and my cdrw when they did  say I would need to give them the parts to make one computer before hell they only cost ten dollars they say why did they not help me to get another one they were the only one's trusted with the parts , so I gave up there and bought an old 1998 version of compaq and tried to restore it so it would pull up the internet , I'll be so glad when I can afford a better version of dell or hp I think i only trusted these two brands for a reason , thats what is easiest to work with I said to mysef I can just go so far and then someone else's key's and programs hike out the backdoor with everything I wanted in a home version ,you know internet explorer and my pictures some files folders and a few photo shop editing tools and a version of windows that would develope itself with practice and nurturments that microsoft carries into and out of the millionium 2003 series so we dont knock out anyone else's systems around here since it's always dryer here in texas border to oklahoma with denison damsite and a giant powerful bridge of electronic networking around the city , to many electronic devises to keep it all bottled up , my grandpa used to work on the damsite as the first electrician  to try and link its waterway generators I wish I'd been there I'd told them to use windmill theory to generate cleaner electricity and irragations if I wear there like I did in san diego california through my dad , he only knew what to tell them at the right time , I was not to dumb and they wanted it to be used for city after city and now look what they have done , overload down pulling and forcing everyone to rely on electricity for the fresh air but ffriends I find that it takes more than just a grandpa and dad to get the messages across sure it is nice to be cool but what about when you have to work outside on it all, these are the men in my world I trusted with everything ,we justhave to open the windows and let the air conditioners breath some fresh while it sucks the life out of us maybe we'd be better of living in a calmer place than all of this anyway , well they said denison is like a small dallas I say they have gone to far with towering city's skylines and need to rebuild it lower  to the ground one level so we can keep up with it all on out terms of life it's so we can stop the eggrolling affect and keep right on going without all the smog and for us to think about  coming up with more earth than electrical devices , I have tried to bring this to microsofts attention back in 1978 I just needed them all to understand it's not a big company thing it's family oriented and means well for our nations , and country's existance of the future you would see alot more home stablized if we were to make a home for five families to share and then you'd be suprised on connecting another home as it goes and then another we would have indoor waterworks and plants ,nurutured to expectations and we could walk on the way to work with others in a self respected homestead , and I always know a homestead is a place to work with family and friends alike,we would bring each other up like farmers families and we'd all be strong again , we could even say it home and we would not need alcohol or the problems thereof , I trust we look into something like this ,I will not be able to help much my migraines are taking over my back and body as I type I have had it bad because of my mother always wanting to kick dad around and out of our lives well she did it to me ,too yelled all the time I am def in one ear from her, she's been yelling since I was in her stomach and thats what I remember My dad was professional military man she wanted to give orders to kill in her sarrows I guess we all just wanted to be free of military responsibilty and let a suprimacy happen to do it all for us , others laugh I mourn all the time for them both Mom and Dad he's gone and now they pry into my mind all the time trying to kill the aspects of life in my soul , well I stopped them all from drinking once and they freaked out , it's only prayers that have let me live and use my own statements, and I am sorry that the world turned out this way so far , but I'm not the one who lied when I was 125 lb's young man telling the doctor in st. johns hospital that I was acting like my Dad thats all she evere say's still I can still hear her scream I wish it was for really good common since I never hear again , I just wished and prayed for her to shut up forever hell she is 80 years old by now ,I  wanted her to realize I had different dreams than their stupid arguments ,when they both were drinking before I was born saying alcohol does not freeze I was born in alaska , guess I did not want them as the old def alcoholic type of parents and always kept a smile for the first few years ,thats how we must do this just keep smiling and do it anyway like those people who just drink anything anyway ,be good guy's keep the peace ,(don't drink alchohol! tell them dennis wayne sent you from A. A. of texas in 1969 I always have my coffee fresh and waiting for you all to pick up on this we have to sheild our selves from the idiots in this world ,before we die trying to please someone we love in greefs we all know all to well!
    Sunday, July 30, 2006 9:22 PM