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    We are in the process of trying to split out current environment (2 servers (CRM server & Reporting Services on 1 server) and SQL Server on another server) to 3 separate servers (1 CRM server, 1 Reporting Services server, 1 SQL server) using the redeployment of our current CRM 3.0 databases. 


    We have been able to successfully deploy the 3 server environment using a fake organization but when we switched to using a copy of our existing production database we have run into a few issues and have managed to work through all of them accept this one item.


    When you run CRM rollups on the CRM server those are locked in the registry but are they withheld somewhere within the CRM databases?  Because when we redeploy, install crm and try to install the rollup 1 (KB922815-v3-server-enu.exe) we continue to get the error message:



    Microsoft CRM 3.0 (KB922815) Installation Error

    Setup failed to update the database.  The installation of this update has stopped.  Contact customer support Services.


    We have uninstalled CRM, reset IIS, cleared the registry etc yet when we start all over and get to this part again we continue to get the same error over and over.  Which leaves us to believe that somewhere within the CRM databases there is information about the ROLLUPS so then how do we install those rollups if that is the case?


    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated as we have been through the redeploy, crm install a million times in the last 10 days!


    Thanks in advance!



    Thursday, August 14, 2008 4:34 PM



    Try installing update rollup 3 instead of rollup 1. The updates are cumulative and it might be that if your production database has already been updated to rollup 2 or 3 this is the reason it won't allow you to install rollup 1.


    Monday, August 18, 2008 6:45 AM