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  • Hello, I have an incident with an EntityReference of MyCustomEntity.

    I have a BLL that does a full lookup of MyCustomEntity based on its ID which it looks up based on the incident ID.  This method is called GetMyCustomEntity(IOrganizationService, Guid incidentId).

    I have a method that calls this BLL.  When I set a breakpoint in this method and create a watch, the incident has a populated reference to MyCustomEntity.  

    However, when I pass the incident ID to the BLL method and include the column of "MyCustomEntity" in an incident retrieve via the org service, "MyCustomEntity" is not included as an attribute in the result set.

    This seems like weird behavior.  This is happening in the PreCaseUpdate plugin. Any idea what the problem might be here?

    Tuesday, March 11, 2014 10:45 PM