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  • Hello,

    I am deploying a cluster HPC 2016 Update 2.
    My cluster is up and running.
    Now, I'm going to create my image for my Compute Node.

    So I manually installed my Compute Node with all the settings I want.
    I captured my image. So far so good.

    Now, I want to deploy my other Compute Nodes with this image and that's where I have a problem.
    My image WIM deploys very well but I remain stuck at the next task ie integration in the field.

           Time Message
           19/02/2019 10:29:36 Sending PXE command to boot node to the current OS
           19/02/2019 10:24:48 Sending PXE command to boot node to the current OS
           19/02/2019 10:22:41 Installing Windows (Expected time: 30 minutes)
           19/02/2019 10:22:36 Customizing the Windows unattended installation script
           19/02/2019 10:22:30 Cleaning up WIM file
           19/02/2019 10:20:25 Extracting WIM C:\HP Proliant DL360p Gen10 (W2K16).wim to C:
           19/02/2019 10:19:03 Copying: Images\HP Proliant DL360p Gen10 (W2K16).wim
           19/02/2019 10:18:52 Configuring disk partitions
           19/02/2019 10:18:47 Copying: setup\diskpart.txt
           19/02/2019 10:18:38 Mounting the installation shared folder on the head node
           19/02/2019 10:17:31 Sending PXE command to boot node to WINPE (Expected boot time: 5-15 minutes)
           19/02/2019 10:16:37 Waiting for node to boot into WINPE
           19/02/2019 10:16:37 Found an existing account in Active Directory: NODE2016-0042
           19/02/2019 10:16:37 Initiating configuration operations for template: HP Proliant DL360p Gen10 (W2K16)
           19/02/2019 10:16:37 Searching for an existing account in Active Directory
           19/02/2019 10:16:37 Connecting to domain controller: galaxie.univ
           19/02/2019 10:16:37 Initiating provisioning operations for template: HP Proliant DL360p Gen10 (W2K16)
           19/02/2019 10:16:37 Associating template HP Proliant DL360p Gen10 (W2K16) with node GALAXIE\NODE2016-0042
           19/02/2019 10:16:37 Moving node GALAXIE\NODE2016-0042 from state Unknown to state Provisioning
           19/02/2019 10:16:37 Assigning template HP Proliant DL360p Gen10 (W2K16) to node NODE2016-0042

    Are there any particular parameters to integrate into HPC 2016 to be able to deploy Compute Nodes under Windows 2016 Server? or parameters to integrate on my image?

    Thanks for your help.

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    Tuesday, February 19, 2019 8:44 AM

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  • Hello,

    Could you collect the following to help us better understand the issue you met?

    1. On cluster manager, Configuration->Node Templates, Right click the compute node template and export it.

    2. On cluster manager, Resource Management, select one node which stuck in deploying, click "Provisioning log" and take a screenshot of the provisioning messages.

    3. Get the latest 3 HpcDeployment_<index>.bin and HpcManagement_AA_<index>.bin log files with latest 3 indexes separately in C:\Program Files\Microsoft HPC Pack 2016\Data\LogFiles\Management folder on the head node.

    Please send them to hpcpack@microsoft.com

    Tuesday, February 19, 2019 9:49 AM
  • I am experiencing the same issue with the same type of hardware. The only difference is that I am using Windows HPC Pack 2016 Update 3. If you were able to resolve can you please post what the solution was. Need to finish my deployment.

    Thank you in advance.

    Thursday, September 5, 2019 7:14 PM
  • Hi Ken Parr,

    Could you share the logs I asked above?

    Friday, September 6, 2019 6:47 AM