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  • "If it ain't broke...don't fix it"  I violated this basic premise and now I must pay for this grave sin.  I hope you won't have too also.


    I installed PP1 on my Test Server last week and everything went exceptionly well.  I added one of my clients using the new Connector and all went well.  It has performed six nightly backups and all went well.


    So, today I decided to install PP1 on my operational WHS with 8 Clients.  It has been a complete disaster!!!!!!


    First, after the install, an error popped up that said the Backups were corrupted.  It offered a Repair Wizard.  So, I chose that.  When it was finished it saidf most of my client's backups were corrupted and/or deleted.  The one or two remaining that were partially restored looked okay but I needed to install the new connector to really see if they were or not.  I tried installing using http://SERVER:55000/ to no avail on either of the remaining clients.  I tried going directly to the shares/Software/Home Servdr Connector Software folder and selecting setup.exe.  None of these worked.  All of these attempts gave me this message:


    "Setup has detected that the Windows Home Server Connector or Admin Console is currently running.  Please close all Windows HomeServer windows and run setup again."


    Well, I have closed everything and even rebooted the Server and the clients several times each and still get this message. 


    So, I have lost all of my backups and destroyed a perfectly running WHS operation because I violated the Number 1 rule.  I advise not to follow my example and only stick to PP1 on a test rig for now as it obviously has some problems.


    I will try to send a Bug report if I can get a log from the Server but it sees to be toast so I don't think that will work.


    Monday, June 16, 2008 7:03 PM

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  • Just more info.  I ws able to unistall PP1 using Add or Remove Programs in CP and then used the old connector software to re-connect two of my clients.  I will run backups all night to see if it recovers.  Server storage still shows 2.87 TB although PP1 said it was deleted.  My fingers are crossed!!!


    Monday, June 16, 2008 7:36 PM