I'm unable to correctly sync tasks with my WM6.1 phone and Exchange 2007... Does anyone know why? RRS feed

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  • I have a Touch Pro 2 with standard ROM WM6.1. If I change several task due dates at once (either sync set to 'As items appear' or as a sync after fixed period) then all the later tasks are changed incorrectly to the due date of the first task and their due dates are lost. If I sync my Pro 2 with MS Exchange2003 then everything seems fine. If I do the same with MS MyPhone it's fine. All contacts, other fields in tasks (except start date), contacts etc all sync flawlessly with Ex2003, Ex2007 and My Phone. I have tried hard resets, deleting the account and re-initialising and still MS Ex2007 won't work... is there a fix? Any help appreciated... Cheers.
    Friday, July 24, 2009 11:06 AM

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  • Here's the full story and results so far...

    1) WM6.0 and 6.1 phones both work with Ex2003
    2) WM6.0 and 6.1 phones BOTH fail to sync task dates correctly on Exchange 2007 ( I have tried this with 2 phones AND 2 DIFFERENT Ex2007 providers therefore it seems NOT to be either the phones or the way the providers have set up EX2007).
    3) WM6.1 works with MS MyPhone beta
    4) WM6.0 and WM6.1 both work with EX2007 ONLY if each task is synchronised separately between each and every change (Setting phone activesync to 'as items arrive' means waiting for several minutes to ensure previous task has finished synching, and synching after fixed period also causes the same problem).

    I'm led to the conclusion that there is either a problem with WM6.x or Exchange 2007 programming and it seems more likely to be Ex2007 as MS MyPhone beta works fine.

    So come on MS GIVE US A PATCH PLEASE...
    Friday, August 14, 2009 11:27 AM
  • Hi there,

    Thank you for posting here. I'm JohnJr and I'll be assisting you with this technical issue.

    From the problem description, I understand Windows Mobile 6.X cannot synchronize data with Exchange Server 2007. And you want to know if there is any patch for this issue. If there is any misunderstanding, please feel free to let me know.

    I suggest you troubleshoot this issue by following steps:

    1. Check the SSL settings of OWA virtual directory and make sure the radio button 'Ignore' Client certificates is selected.
    2. Check the authentication on the Microsoft-server-Activesync and make sure only 'Basic authentication' in enabled and this VD should also 'Ignore' Client certificates.
    3. Check the certificate on Default Web Site to see if it is a self-signed certificate.
    4. Install the Certificate Authority on exchange server to create a new certificate request by following command:
        New-ExchangeCertificate -GenerateRequest:$True -IncludeAcceptedDomains -DomainName <your_domainname&accepted_domainname> -PrivateKeyExportable:$True -Path c:\exchangecert.txt
    5. Then import the certificate using the following command:
        Import-ExchangeCertificate -Path c:\certnew.cer (Saved the thumbprint generated here).
    6. Enable the certificate for IIS, SMTP, POP3, IMAP by running the command:
        Enable-ExchangeCertificate -Services "iis,pop,smtp,imap". Enter the thumbprint generated from the Import-ExchangeCertificate cmdlet.
    7. Copy the root certificate in .CER format and manually trust on mobile device and emulator. This is because the certificates generated by internal Certificate Authority are not globally trusted.
    8. Check the synching status between mobile phone and Exchange Server.

    If anything is not clear, please post back and let me know.

    Best Regards,
    MCSE 2003
    Monday, August 17, 2009 6:26 AM
  • Hi Little JohnJr,

    Thanks for your kind offer of help... I'm sorry if my initial posting wasn't clear about the problem. I can sync my WM 6.x phone with Ex2003 and MS Myphone without problems. I can also sync ALL data fields with Ex 2007 correctly except when changing dates within tasks... if I alter 2 or more tasks at the same time then the dates all end up the same on all tasks on the server whilst being correct on my phone. There is no problems if I alter the dates within Outlook or online with the OWA and all tasks dates are sent back to the phone correct. ONLY task date uploading leads to incorrect dates on the server (and subsequently Outlook). If I alter any of the other task fields, e.g. subject, importance etc then all these fields sync correctly.

    So I can sync with Ex2007... but now for a confession... even if the above is the right solution to solve my problem I have no idea what an SSL setting of an OWA virtual directory is... or much of the rest of the posting. I'm afraid I'm a user not a support tech. Also I use an online Exchange service provider who looks after the Ex2007 end of things. I only have access to the standard OWA (email, contacts, tasks etc) interface (i.e. online Outlook) so I don't know if I could change these settings even if I knew where to find them... I have tried two different Exchange service providers both who assure me they are fully up to date with SP's and patches etc and both of whom advertise as MS partners... I get the same problem with each company's servers.

    I don't know how it's possible to get an error synching only 1 field within tasks alone and no errors in email or anything else... any more ideas or anything I can pass on to my Ex2007 service provider (support@mail2web.com I believe)?
    Monday, August 17, 2009 8:41 AM
  • Sorry for my misunderstanding.

    What I posted in my previous reply is all configurations on Exchange Server. There is nowhere to find those settings on client side.

    I wonder what if you press 'sync' button to reactive the uploading process and wait for sometime. Can the data be uploaded to the server? Since other information can be uploaded without any question, I suggest waiting for some time to see the coming result.

    Are you the only user who suffers from this issue?
    Monday, August 17, 2009 9:34 AM
  • Hi.. if I am understanding you I already tried this with the phone's 'sync after each item change' option. It would take 5 minutes gap before I could change another task and itr would keep it's own dates and even then errors still crept in. Not practical and frustrating. Mail2web's tech support said they were not aware of others having this issue but I did find a couple of threads when I initailly started looking and I think this is one of them...


    The other provider I tried had a tech support team I couldn't reach readily so I wasn't able to find out from them. I know a little about computers and find it amazing I should be getting such a strange repeatable error at all... and even more so that other's don't have it. Maybe people don't change their task dates as often as I do...

    Monday, August 17, 2009 1:29 PM
  • Hmmm, you got me.

    I suggest you contact the mobile vendor.
    Tuesday, August 18, 2009 8:44 AM
  • I already did (HTC). They set me up a trial account on their Ex 2003 server but no problems found there but weren't able to offer any other explanation (hence posting here). As WM is Microsoft anyway do phone manufacturers change the basic ROM code or just ____ there own manufacturer specific over the top. I don't know but I'd guess the latter as I don't know why HTC would change the code for WM synching... I gues it could be a very specific error when insatalling the ROM but the rest of the phone seems OK... Any one with any ideas?

    Tuesday, August 18, 2009 11:32 AM