getting best model out of autoML RRS feed

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  •  Dim experiment As RegressionExperiment = mlContext.Auto().CreateRegressionExperiment(AutoMLSettings)

     Dim result As ExperimentResult(Of RegressionMetrics) = experiment.Execute(trainData,                                                                                                                              CurrentProject.DependentVariable.Tagname, progressHandler:=progressHandler)

     Dim model As ITransformer = result.BestRun.Model

     Dim model As ITransformer = model.Transform(trainData)

     castedModel = TryCast(model, RegressionPredictionTransformer(Of Trainers.FastTree.FastTreeRegressionModelParameters))

    i dont understand why this cast isn't working in a situation that returns "FastTreeRegression" for model.BestRun.TrainerName

    i have a situation where I cant write a class for the data ahead of time which are the only examples I can find

    thanks for any help!

    Monday, December 23, 2019 1:34 PM


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