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  • Hi to everybody. I have a question regarding this Framework. I 'm new to it but I need to build quite interesting approach. 

    In a few words we have main server(SQL DB) and LAN servers that I think possible syncronize. Moreover as LAN server I suppose to use SQL Lite/Compact, as I read File Sync Framework supports such syncronization. that looks doable. now we will have one client to upload new images or news to our servers. 

    it will have 2 modes: online and offline. in offline mode we will be able to work locally and cache data we added: in general created new photo album or anything else, after connection comes it should check if we're in LAN so we update local server, and then sync goes within local and global servers as is, or it goes directly to global server to upload data. the idea is to try to use here also sync framework but I dont want to keep local copy of DB or images if I work online. can sync framework provide such functionality? 

    anyone can help on it? 

    side question, I had a requirement to keep photos in files system ,but I think better to keep data in one place here it is DB , so we wont have any issues making 2 different kind of sync operations: sync DB and file system, I think it will have more issues in such way. 

    C# developer
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