How do I manage/delete Activity Reports for Family Filter on familysafety.live.com? RRS feed

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  • Hi Folks, I have a couple questions regarding Family Filter, which I just downloaded today on my new Windows 7 machine.  Anyway, like other users, I was forced to establish a new WindowsLive email ID since I couldn't get past the error message about "Terms of Use Have Not Been Reviewed."  After establishing my new WindowsLive ID (e.g., a new email address like Email removed for privacy) I successfully established Windows accounts (on my computer) for my kids and applied various security settings.  I can see their web activity when log into familysafety.live.com.  My question is in regards to how the Activity Reports on that site work: basically, am I supposed to delete the activity reports over time?  I imagine they will get pretty voluminous over time - not sure if the report is taking up space somewhere on my computer. 
    I've seen other messages on this forum that describe directions for deleting the Activity Report (see below), but I think these instructions may be valid only for Vista, not sure.  Here are the directions I found:

    Launch "eventvwr.msc" MMC from Start menu.
    Navigate to the following branch in the event viewer:

    - Applications and Service Logs
    -- Microsoft
    --- Windows
    ----- ParentalControls
    ------- Operational
    Right-click Operational, and click "Clear Log..."
    You may need to clear the Application logs, as well.

    I did follow these instructions in Windows 7, and I did see that - on my computer - I was able to clear the log.  However, when I examined the Activity Reports on familysafety.live.com, the activity (web activity) remained.
    Sorry to be repetative, but my question again is whether I'm supposed to be deleting the activity reports on familysafety.live.com and, if so, how can I do that?

    Tuesday, December 8, 2009 3:50 AM