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  • I have a CRM Web, Async, and SSRS server installed on one machine, and SQL is installed on another at our home office.  We just brought a remote site online that has a decent network connection to the home office, but they are experiencing serious delays accessing CRM.

    I want to stand up a web server with CRM on it at the remote site and just point it at the home office SQL server.

    Anything I need to watch out for? 
    Any caveats to keep in mind? 
    Will having the web server local to the users increase their performance, even if the SQL data is remote to them?

    Any other advice anyone can give me?


    Saturday, February 19, 2011 10:32 PM

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  • If you have a decent network connection from the remote site, then users should be able to access CRM with reasonable performance. I think you should start with some investigation as to why you're getting such delays; I think you need understand the reasons for the performance problems before it's possible to determine if putting in a separate web server will help.

    I've never tried the configuration you're suggesting; it might be possible to make it work, though I could imagine problems. I think you'd be safest only putting the application server role on the new web server, and leave the existing server as the only platform server. Whether you get much performance gain depends on the performance issue; the total traffic with the new web server should be reduced, but I think you might get more significant improvement if network latency is your main performance issue

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    Sunday, February 20, 2011 6:42 PM