Can someone help a SyncToy newbie use SyncToy to fix a OneDrive mess that I think that I created a few months ago? RRS feed

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  • I'm new here on this forum but I do have a history of using SyncToy years ago to keep my 2 Windows XP home computer's DOCs & Photos in sync that were just hooked together through a router to share the Time Warner internet.

    I've been trying to fix my mess over in a Question at Microsoft Answers https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/onedrive/forum/odwork-odsearch-sdwin10/why-would-my-onedrive-files-not-seem-to-be-synced/527d18fb-5341-4c69-806f-f1a1ac8cd6d9

    It occurred to me that I might be able to use SyncToy to fix this OneDrive mess that I think that I created a few months ago as I was setting up a new Windows 10 desktop PC.

    I think it started when I was Copying all of my data from my old Windows 10 pc onto a flashdrive and then Pasting it into the proper locations using File Explorer.

    I kept seeing this OneDrive section in File Explorer that had similar folders in it and with my beginner understanding, which I think that I've now learned was wrong, was that I could just Paste batches of files into the OneDrive folders there so that's what I did on some or probably all of them (I forget).
    I really don't remember going to OneDrive and Uploading stuff. I didn't know back then that that's how you should do it. I still don't fully understand where docs and other data is stored. I'd thought all along back then that OneDrive set up one of my computers as the main base (server) and anything else just accessed it or if it was offline, it would update it later when it was online.

    Anyway, I've since learned that wasn't the way to do it & I should have maybe Pasted them into the proper folders in This PC and then gone to OneDrive online in the same computer & Uploaded them?

    Perhaps that would cause them to be synced to that device & to any device that I accessed them on OneDrive with?

    Anyhow, sorry about that long story, but my Question is, can I use SyncToy to go thru the files on my computer & compare them to the ones on OneDrive or would I somehow need to Download all of the files from OneDrive onto another drive or another place on the same drive as all of my other data and then use SyncToy to compare them based on Last Modified or Date Created dates and then, as I remember SyncToy working, give me the option of which I'd rather keep or to keep both? I guess it will probably only find 5 or 10 files in both places that might have been modified on different dates.

    Not that it matters, but my computer is a nice newer DELL Inspirion desktop with Windows and the programs on an SSD that I installed with some online help from a guy at Microsoft Answers in my SICK PC question and all of the data is on an internal HDD that it had come with.
    Tuesday, October 31, 2017 4:25 AM