0xC004D301, a Licensing initialization error has occurred; MS S&T 2013 RRS feed

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  • Hi,

    after a normal, standard refresh of my Windows 8 system a number of applications were de-installed. One of those was Streets & Trips 2013.

    When I try to install S&T 2013 the process ends with error code 0xC004D301 and the message "a Licensing initialization error has occurred". The only proposed remedies I found in various forums did not work for me, e.g.,

    1. De-install, log on as admin and re-install as admin again.

    2. Create a new User Profile in Windows 8

    3. Fix registry (applies only to earlier versions; I checked nonetheless, but the given registry entries do not exist on my system).

    4. Call Customer Support - supposedly and after the required license checks a technician takes you into share mode and fixes the corrupted license db.

    I've been using S&T for many years and starting with the 2005 version. I always bought S&T in the Microsoft store. With the latest version the store would reject me, because my credit card references a German address (I am a German citizen, who spends months every year in the USA). So I bought S&T 2013 while in the USA. The German MS store does not offer S&T.

    The German Tech Support now advised me that they cannot provide support for this product in Germany. The US Tech Support offers a 1-800 number, which does not work for out of the country calls. Alternatively they offer another number, but since such a repair call is reported to take some 30 minutes, I am hesitant to spend more money for the call than what the total program did cost.

    How can I break up this "catch 22" situation? I appreciate that MS does not offer the fix freely, as it might be abused for illegal software. On the other hand do I have regular licenses and it was Microsoft's own standard refresh of Windows 8 which causes this situation. It should be possible to connect with a US based technician via the net and without a costly call and get free of charge support.

    Any help will be appreciated.


    Monday, September 2, 2013 7:45 AM