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  • Hi Microsoft,

    This is to the Hotmail department. 

    Basically this suggestion concludes @live , @msn and @hotmail mail adresses. I receive several spam e-mails and they also come from my own contacts, and that's really annoying. I have a suggestion for Microsoft, namely to create a specifice blacklist applications that is not based on e-mail addresses, but based on words or sentences. Example, if I receive a spam mail from my one of my contacts about  Viagra''' offer in my mail or get the phrase ''Get cheap Viagra now'' then I simply fill out this specifice sentence ''Get cheap Viagra now'' in the blacklist application so that all mails with this phrase''Get cheap Viagra now'' automatically ends up in the spam box, but it wont block my contact e-mailadres so i can still receive mail from this contact. Is this understandable to you and can you do something with suggestion? (please pardon my English).

    I tried to contact Microsoft BV (Holland) many time but it's like they dont understand me or dont want to receive any feedback or help and suggestions. They are only busy with them selfs and listen to know one. Are they suppose to listen to there costumers or ignore them because i've send them massages via the website, I emailed them and send them two letters already but no logical reaction (sorry to say, but it's like they are stupid and dont want to understand anything but them selfs). 

    Kind regards,

    M. de la Fuente


    Wednesday, August 25, 2010 11:07 AM

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