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  • I have a few Issues/Request for SyncToy.  Not sure if some are Issues(synctoy not working as intended) or if they are working as intended, either way here is my list.

     1. Echo Sync - propegate deletes
      If a file/folder is deleted on the source it should be deleted in the destination.  Currently if I have a file/folder deleted in the source it never gets deleted in the destination.
     2. Exclude folders option
      Yes you can choose what folders to include but an option to just exclude a folder or folders would be easier in all of my syncs
     3. Sync Reporting
      Option to email results/logs at the end of schedule syncs. Addtional option to only email results if error occurs.
     4. Include Folders Issue
      Not sure if this is an issue or works as intented, either way I would suggest it change.  Again in a Echo sync I have select x folders to include, each of folder has 100's of sub folders.  It seems that if I add a new sub folder later it doesn't get synced until I reopen the folders to include dialog and let it re-scan the folder.  It seems to be saving the sub folder list which is causing issues, but I may be wrong.  The exclude option #2 could easily solve this issue in my opinion. 
      Have syncs running on Win7 Ultimate 64 bit, Win XP Pro 32 bit, and Win 2003 Std 32 bit, all working for the most part, except the issues listed above.

    Robert Ward
    Wednesday, March 10, 2010 3:58 PM

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  • Thanks a lot for your suggestions, Robert!

    For your did not get file/folder deleted on destination problem, please check if your folder pairs' action set as "Contribute". For action Contribute, it will not reflect delete from source to destination.

    For report with email option, as schedule synctoy running is completed with the window scheduler. I think, if windows scheduler could add some feature support for info result, it will be better.

    For configuration sync to include/exclude folders, I think with current design, it could complete most of user requirment for now.

    Thanks again,
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    Thursday, March 11, 2010 7:03 AM