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  • I'm unimpressed with Microsoft's continued efforts to do block telephone support.  I've gone to such URL's as have been used in the past for support and land on England or Indonesia.  I have to call Indonesia to get technical support, or billing support, for WLOC now?


    First problem:  I'm tired of having my screen saver changed, tired of the inflexibility of WLOC and really have no use for the "circle."   Reading the messages it seems the screen saver problem has dropped into the abyss, so terribly hard for such a giant corporation to fix a.s.a.p.?  What is going on?


    So I go into the various web help schemes.  One thing for sure, NO TELEPHONE NUMBERS appear anywhere that I could find.


    I went there because I want to cancel WLOC (at least to prevent renewal in April 2008 when I won't remember it).


    True to form, the wondrous support web pages are unable to find my installation of WLOC.  Good lord.


    So I am in a perpetual loop going nowhere; sign in passport, do so, bounce back to "can't find your install of WLOC."  Great.  Was given the option to type in my own PID.  Great.  As soon as I type in the first character, the window reverts to the previous "sign in" situation and that is that.


    I'm down on Microsoft on Vista as it is, and WLOC is another example of Microsoft Knowing What's Best For Us.  Did the 2.0 "team" listen to ANYTHING users said?


    I want to get my account number OUT of your system and if you no longer provide any telephone support, I want to dash the passport nonsense altogether, I'll no longer buy Microsoft products, hopefully.  Please send a telephone number right away, my email is in my profile.


    Bill Halvorsen

    Friday, November 30, 2007 7:04 AM


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  • Sign in with your LiveID for your subscription at http://support.windowsonecare.live.com to see the phone number, chat and email options if you are a paid subscriber.





    Friday, November 30, 2007 4:22 PM
  • THe URL http://support.windowsonecare.live.com/ does not work (surprise).  For that matter this forum returned a generic "not here" message and I got through after several tries.  No, I am not having any other connectivity problems.


    Do you understand that:


    My valid installation of WLOC cannot be detected by Microsoft, a stunning homage to reliability of active X which was allowed to install itself to detect the program.


    That's it - I can go no rther.  I have a support case via email now, and am being asked the same boilerplate questions "what were YOU doing" and problem URL's.  I think support structure has changed drastically.  You might want to check into it.


    My goal is to cancel WLOC and get away from a company that can only provide confusion when it can't detect a "valid" installation of WLOC.  Trust me, it WAS there.  No more.


    Bill Halvorsen


    Friday, November 30, 2007 4:39 PM
  • Support for OneCare has not changed, we've updated the online flow though so that we can leverage the product ID and/or windows live id for incidents that you create. Willie Trombone2, sounds like you have a paid OC subscription, so you weren't able to user your WLID or the product id in the product to get to the phone, email, chat options of OC support?



    Best Regards,

    Marisela Cerda

    Friday, November 30, 2007 11:54 PM
  • So the link Steve gave me is gone, is that correct?  You end your last sentence with a question mark.  That means the question is still a question - unless you meant your last sentence as a declarative in which I couldn't get to the support options because I have a paid OC subscription. 


    So you've changed the online flow.  So I can no longer - myself - cancel the next rebill.  No phone numbers.  I can't remember, but will I be asked to approve the next rebill or do I need to do something else to prevent this from happening?


    Saturday, December 1, 2007 12:04 AM
  • Well, yes and no, Bill.

    Email me.


    The problem is that the link I provided above (incorrectly, I might add! - it was supposed to be ...windowsonecare.live) simply directs you into the normal support flow. In theory, a subscriber should be recognized via the product ID or the probe by the we site. I emailed the OneCare team and implored them to put the page back that I referenced. If you are a paid subscriber, you should be able to simply sign into a web page with your subscriber LiveID and immediately see your support options without the probe/product ID/whatever. I can understand not publishing that link everywhere and driving people through Help to try to prevent phone calls, which are expensive, but if OneCare is broken and you PC is not working right and you don't have access to the product ID in Help/About (which I have yet to see work in the support flow!) you need a way to get to support without having to await a canned email response 24 hours after you posted your problem.


    In your case, you want to cancel the subscription from being able to be billed again. Technically, calling support is the way to go. I doubt you can get a 6 month refund as I've only ever heard of a 30 day refund. If your credit card is on file for your Billing account, change the expiration date so that it cannot be auto-billed. However, e-mail me and I can steer you in the right direction. My email to your address bounced.



    Saturday, December 1, 2007 3:51 AM