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  • I paid for Bioshock 2 on steam it said i had to get windows live so i did. Then i went on fallout 3 (which i also paid for on steam) Before i instaled games for windows live all of my save games were fine, But after i instaled games for windows live It had deleated all of my save games and would not allow me to save unless i signed in. It then preceded to take over almoast every game i had instaled on my computer wheather it was on steam or disk. So I uninstalled games for windows live. Now i cant go on any of my games without games windows live instaled. I open up a game and it does not load. So i reinstaled games for windows live and all of my games worked again. The problem is that i don't whant to have Games for windows live instaled just so i can play one game, and so Games for windows live can take over most of the games i own on steam or disk.
    Friday, April 15, 2011 7:43 PM