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  • Hello,

    About a year ago I was doing some programming with C# which I liked. Mostly I was learning the syntax of the language, with an idea in mind for a 2D graphics and animation program I wanted to write. I was started to investigate the possibilities of WPF when I temporarily shelved my ambitions due to one reason or another.

    Now I am planning to start working on my program but I am a bit confused about how to go about it. I like C#, but is it recommended for what I want to do? Or is it more designed for database and business applications? Is C++ better for this kind of thing? I mean, I like the simplicity of C# however I don't mind learning C++ if it is a lot better (hopefully it isn't that much more complex). Are there more graphics tools in C++?

    Then there is WPF. Although I have used it, I am still a little unsure what it is. I need to have access to classes and methods that create curves, deal with animation, etc. and WPF seems to have a lot of that kind of thing. Perhaps it is the ideal tool. However, a lot of the information about it seems to lean towards making user interfaces and such things. Is WPF the right tool to use as a graphics toolkit, or is there something better out there (Like DirectX)?

    Then there is the question of Silverlight? Is that mostly for building rich web applications? I want my program to be a desktop application.

    So there you have it. I want to make a 2D graphics and animation program and want to start off on the right path. Hopefully you can help answer some of these questions.

    Thank you,



    Tuesday, August 24, 2010 8:12 PM