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  • This may seem a bit long-winded, but I don't know how else to explain the problems I'm having with Streets & Trips.

    I have populated my map with approximately 1,300 pushpins, imported from an Excel spreadsheet, with columns for name; address; city, state & zip; Rating; and Classification, a total of 5 separate Fields.

    Right-clicking on an individual pushpin offers two different ways information can be displayed:  

    The first choice is "Show Information". This choice will display a large rectangle with the pushpin's name at the top along with the other fields below. 

    Right clicking on an individual pushpin will offer another choice - "Show Name". If I click this choice, a very small rectangle will appear with just the pushpin name showing. However, this choice is not offered when I go to the Properties dialogue box on the Pushpin Set.

    Under the Legend Menu on the left of the map, right clicking the Pushpin Set will bring up Properties where I can go to the "Balloon" tab and check or uncheck any or all of the additional fields except the name. If I uncheck all of them, when I click "Show Information" a smaller rectangle will appear with only the pushpin name at the top and an additional blank line below it.

    If I check "Show Information" on the Pushpin Set, all of the individual pushpins will display whatever information I chose to show. I can uncheck this to delete the informaiton.

    OK, now here are the problems:

    (1). I had to individually right-click each pushpin to choose "Show Name" (My boss does NOT want to use the "Show Information" rectangle with just the name displayed - its still too big).

    I saved each entry and closed the map. When I re-opened the map, approximately 25% of the pushpins had omitted the Name rectangle. When I tried to add a name, I found that the name on a nearby pushpin would omit its name, as if there was a limit on how many pushpins could have just the name showing. Techs at Microsoft said this was not the case.

    As stated before, right-clicking on the pushpin set will not offer the "Show Name" choice. Can this be fixed?

    (2). If I go to the Pushpin Set box and click "Show Information", the larger rectangles will appear, but the smaller "Name" rectangle will be permanently deleted. Extremely frustrating and time wasting. Is there a fix for this?

    Thanks to one and all for any help you can provide.

    Billy in Charlotte, NC

    Monday, February 13, 2012 8:47 PM