Trouble registering Win XP Home after reinstall. Original was valid. MS says this one is pirated. Same OS, same key, what gives? RRS feed

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  • I previously moved the hard drive from an HP system to a Dell system after a motherboard failure on the HP. I reloaded Win XP Home and successfully registered it by phone.

    The customer subsequently got the ICE virus, and it blocked every attempt to get into the machine. So, I removed the WD hard drive and attached it via USB to my bench computer. I then performed a WD "write zero" operation to the entire drive.

    At that point I reinstalled the OS; same OS, same key, same system. I registered by phone, and it was accepted. The problem is that each time I go online to Microsoft for any downloads, it claims the software is pirated.  That is BS. It is valid software and a valid key. What gives?

    Wednesday, June 5, 2013 6:01 PM