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    My OneCare subscription expired.  I tried to renew online but kept getting error messages when I tried to make the purchase.  So, I went to a store and bought another copy of OneCare.  As prompted, I first uninstalled my old copy of OneCare, then installed my new copy.  Following the prompts, I registered my new copy of OneCare online.


    That was a few weeks ago.  Since then, OneCare has been giving me an Urgent status message that I need to renew (It also tells me that "After you renew, this notice may persist for a day.")  


    On my account management page, under Your Services, Windows Live OneCare is listed (once), and the status is Expired.  When I click through, it describes my old copy of OneCare, purchased in 2007, with my old PIN...it does not list my new copy with the new PIN.


    How can I correct this situation?  Thanks.

    Sunday, November 9, 2008 5:44 PM


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