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  • Yesterday i tried reverting to Windows 7 fro Window 10 Pro, by physically disconnecting all drives but my systemdrive and reinstall Windows 7 on my single left system drive.

    After succesfully installing Windows 7 on my system drive i reconected my other drives, but i cannot read them anylonger, i think this idue to bitlocker, since Win 7 Pro has no bitlocker, it cannot read my drive.

    When i installed Windows 10 pro, i never got a message that Windows 10 Pro would encrypt my drives, so i never got a bitlocker key, after some research on the internet i realized that i need a bitlocker key to decrypt my drives.

    This means that i have lost 10 years of Music arrangements, 10 years of 3Dwork (my livelyhood), and ten years of making Mods for games, all my important documents, because i backed everything up on my internal drives, i got 4 drives, 2 dedicated for my backups, they have also become unreadable, including my drive with my 4 Windows 10 Pro backups.

    Since i never been alerted to the fact that Windows 10 Pro encrypted my drives, i hold Microsoft responsible for losing my Data.

    What can i do to get my Data back ?

    (PS) i posted this in academic Initiatives cause there was no other way for me to get the post to be accepted.

    I will be migrating to Linux once my PC is up and running again, my Brother works with Linux for more then ten years and never had anything like this, he's very knowledgable with Linux and assured me that i would wish that i migrated earlier, and i believe him.
    Since Windows 10 came out, i have had problems with each and every major update up till the point that it completely ruined my system drive, luckily i have been spared losing Data up till now, cause i do backup all my work, sadly not on external drives which seem to be unencrypted, so ofcourse i will backup exteranlly from now on.
    But the fact remains that Microsoft didn't notify me about drive encryption when i installed Windows 10, a huge oversight on their side.

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  • my goodness, after 12 hours of searching and cursing i fixed it with this article..


    One thing i don't get though, how is it possible that it did not realize something was wrong, cause i did notice that after initial install of the 1703 version

    a while back that my pc was hardly usable for a few days, now i know why, it was busy encrypting without telling me.

    I see my former post was marked as abusive, i read my own post a few times, i don't understand what was abusive,given the situation and the amount of stress it gave me, i think i still behaved pretty reasonable, i felt way way worse mind you.

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