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  • I have been trying for 8 weeks to set up Windows Home Server. Long story but I had it set up and then when I went to try to use remote access I found that Windows 7 Home Premium did not support remote access. So I upgraded to Windows 7 Ultimate (W7 U). Then I could not connect the W7 U computer to the server. 4 other computers running Windows 7 Home Premium (HP) were able to access the server, back up etc. 
    So I decided to re install WHS. All of the W7 HP computers has connected successfully but not my W7 Ultimate computer. I have been reading every forum I can find but nothing i have tried solves the problem. 
    When I attempt to use the connect software I reach a point where I get the following error message:
    Connect a computer to the network
    Cannot connect this computer to the network
    An unexpected error has occurred. For more information , see Troubleshoot connecting computers to the server. 
    When I open windows explorer on the W7 U computer I can see Home Server in the Homegroup as well as my other computers. I can see the shared folders in Home Server, but when I click on them I am asked "enter Network Password" It does not matter what I enter I get "The specified network password is not correct" I have tried 
    1. my user name and password to log into the w7 U computer
    2. user name created in the WHS (which I can use on any of the other computers)
    3. Even tried the Administrator password used to log into the server. 
    Server appears along with the other computers under "Network" But I have the same problem. 
    When I go to the server I can see my w7 U computer under Homegroup and Network and can access the shared files. Same situation with any of the other computers in the Homegroup. All can see and access the W7 U computer. 
    I have tried just about every suggestion with out success. Any help would be greatly appreciated. 
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