Remote compiling via WSL and debugging on an ARM machine in one configuration


  • I have the following scenario.

    The development with C++ should be done under Windows 10 (1803) with Visual Studio Pro 2017 on a x64 computer. Target devices are equipped with an ARM processor and embedded Linux.

    Since I can't compile directly on the target device, I have further made Ubuntu 18.04 available via WSL. Here is the toolchain for the target device installed.

    In Visual Studio I created a Linux project and adjusted it so that it can compile my code for the target device remotely on the WSL-Ubuntu using the corresponding ARM toolchain. The compiled application works fine on the ARM target device.

    But how do I configure my project to automatically transfer the generated application to the ARM target device and debug it with Visual Studio? Where do I enter the necessary information to perform the following steps?

    • Specify the access information (SSH) for the ARM target device to log in to.
    • Transfer compiled application from WSL-Ubuntu to ARM target device
    • Starting the GDB server on the ARM target device with the application
    • Using GDB debugger of ARM toolchain on WSL-Ubuntu
    Thursday, September 20, 2018 8:19 AM