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  • There is major vulnerability in windows 10 period. Windows 10 is the most susceptible. 

    At the install of Windows 10 my machine is instantly taken over by DISM initiated by Group Policy. Group Policy that i cannot edit. This has been happening to my machines for over two years non-stop. 

    This DISM control allows the hackers remote full access to everything i do and allows them to customize the hack anytime they want remotely using DISM, as my machine is the client machine to an unknown remote host controller. I can see there is all kinds of Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2008. I should have full access and control of my own machines. I have gone through at least 20 Windows machines (running Windows 10) since June 2017 when i was remotely proximity hacked for the first time. [REDACTED - slander, heresy, personal, etc]

    I need someone to help me from Microsoft. Please this is a dire emergency. In case i cannot log back into this post or ever view it again, as happened to me when i first posted a question similar in 2018, i was never able to view the replies,[REDACTED - re forum regulations about SEO] 

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