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  • We see a lot of examples (code gallery etc ...) using Collaborations Synchronization.

    Occasionnaly scenarios using ADO.NET Sync Services (v3) with objects like DbServerSyncProvider and SqlCeClientSyncProvider will be obsolet in near futur ?

    Should we just move all our futurs developments on collbarations sync (peer to peer) using SqlSyncProvider, SqlCeSyncProvider, and DbSyncProvider  ?

    and like always, sorry for my poor english :)
    Sébastien Pertus. Bewise
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    Tuesday, October 27, 2009 8:05 AM


  • Sebastien,

    Great question and we are internally working on our guidance regarding the two sets of providers.  I would break the strengths/weaknesses of DbServerSyncProvider and SqlCeClientSyncProvider as follows:


    ·     Supports SQL Server integrated change tracking

    ·     Great for scenarios that require dynamic parameters (i.e. I want a single set of commands to be used across all clients)

    ·     Reduces the amount of metadata required on the server


    ·     Tied to a single topology shape

    ·     No formal support for SQL Express on the client

    ·     Batching capabilities are extremely limited

    On the other hand, I would break strengths/weaknesses of  SqlSyncProvider, SqlCeSyncProvider, and DbSyncProvider  as follows:


    ·     Not tied to any specific topology shape

    ·     Enterprise class batching capabilities

    ·     Support for SQL Express on the client


    ·     Not support for integrated change tacking

    ·     More metadata required

    ·     Does not address the needs of dynamic filtering

    Expect to hear more on this topic on our blog.




    Sean Kelley
    Senior Program Manager
    Tuesday, October 27, 2009 8:39 PM