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  • From what I saw when setting up what I wanted to back up on a workstation I only had the option to back up a drive. While I can go through and exclude folders in the advanced mode it would be nice if we could expand the drive and select only the folders we wanted. That would be much faster then going through and excluding everything but the foler I wanted.

    Also another thing that would be nice for your less advanced users that this type of product is targeting is to provide a simple means to back up and restore just office files. It would be pretty easy to set it up so you could do a back up with a single click of your My Documents and Outlook .pst file. While I think pretty much anyone can find the Office Documents your average user won't know what a .pst file is, where it is and how to restore it should they need to run a restore disk on their computer. I would honestly see them rebuilding a computer using the factory restore CD over the restore wizard provided in Home Server for several reasons:

    1. If it does crash they won't think of looking at the server as a means of fixing it.

    2. There is a good chance they have support from the manufacturer of the workstation and would call them. They will most likely not support the restore by using the server option.

     3. They may take it into a computer shop for repair. In that case unless they bring both the crashed workstation and the server there isn't much the tech shop can do but a clean install from the factory restore disks or install disks.

    All that said I do like the idea of automating the backups of some of these critical files. I know I don't back them up as often as I should. My solution was to save everything to my file server and replicate the data using FRS with another server. But your average user doesn't have multiple 2003 servers running at home.

    Sunday, March 18, 2007 3:51 PM

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  • Regarding folder selection for backups: It's a popular request, but probably not for version 1. See (and vote for!) this suggestion on Connect.
    Monday, March 19, 2007 12:57 AM