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  • I am sure this is posted 1000 times but maybe at 1001 someone will take notice.

    My C$ drive is using a SSD (in a RAID no less) and should not be defragged. OneCare Tune-Up will defrag this disk anyway. I disabled defrag by messing with the registry in a way that one should not do but it is better then trashing my SSD disk drive or not being able to use the anti-virus software I already paid for.

    Ideally the Tune-up should adhere to the defrag schedule that is already setup through Windows Disk Defragmentor program which I have confiugred to run weekly and to ignore my C drive. It makes no sense to have 2 defrag schedules.

    If OneCare is not able to do that then you should at least have the same confiugration options as Windows Disk Defragmentor so that I can disable defrag by drives or disable defrag altogether.

    That is perhaps the most daunting thing is that you cannot disable defrag or the tune-up feature at all.
    Wednesday, April 22, 2009 4:07 PM


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