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    My question is regarding what and when Microsoft AdCenter is going to have a 'video' [Ad Supported Demo] for the marketing within video sites such of that which the company I am working for is developing [and has for over a year] with companies: thePlatform, Limelight Networks, Cypress Consulting, VEOH.tv,  MIRO, Adobe Media Player, and so on.. and many more that are not relavent, but you can look at examples of the type site I am referring [these are not even 'alpha' examples, but only what I feel is necessary to get me question understood]

    • Here is an example of the first local IPTV affiliate of 29 within the [MCL.tv] Network, that will be located in Atlanta, Ga. http://www.atlantalive.tv



    I have viewed all that Microsoft is developing, but "HOW MUCH LONGER" till we can use this technology, Speaking for myself, I feel that the company I am working with will be forced to use a solution other that of what you are seemingly very far behind the curve; and I am a fan of Microsoft. I would like to use AdCenter, but this Video Revolution has been underway for a few years now... I though MICROSOFT would be leading... I mean, your Microsoft.


    I am fully aware the Google has a product we can use 'now', we have tested it... 'double click' has working solutions [you can see them in use by visiting 'Brightcove user sites']; LightningCast has some very complicated targeting solutions, and also a company called Adap TV.. Also as far as your interactive advertising, Adobe Media Player is already doing it, and there is a company called VideoClix.TV that we are also working with, that has been doing it for a long while...


    If anyone can help me get an answer, I will be very grateful.  And also volunteer to test anything that Microsoft Ad Development may be demoing.... but I am telling you there is not much time before the leaders will be established...

    Saturday, December 1, 2007 11:44 PM

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