Crrent task not filtered in Windows 6.1 RRS feed

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  • I've just discovered this problem when I replaced my iPAQ WM 5 device with a HTC Touch Pro 2 WM6.1 - to combine my PDA & telephone together. As explained by others in this discussion, I rely very much on using a "current" list of tasks for tasks that need to be done in my job. (Using calander instead would create confusion with my scheduled appointments. Why even have a task feature in the first place if using calendar is the answer?) I am now using my iPAQ along with the HTC phone so I can see my active task, until I can come up with another solution. I have about 25 days left in which I can return my phone - and go back to a separate phone and PDA. Which is what I will do if there ends up not being a solution. There's no use having the HTC if it's not going to be a better solution for my needs.

    In the meantime I am waiting for WM6.5 which I understand will be out soon. Will the WM6.5 fix this? I don't want to purchase 3rd party software that as far as I can tell, would render my Touch Flow 3D not very usable. And the discussion to not change this is clearly someone who doesn't understand the need.

    The bottom lines is - I am a very recent purchaser of a Windows Mobile platform phone, an example of who I would think your marketing people are targeting. I see the advantages of WM over, say, the iPhone. But if your products are going to be changed so they no longer fulfill the needs of the customer, then why continue buying them.
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  • Thanks RobJB and NEWVGAc12 in sharing you requests and suggestions regarding task features and functionality. We cannot share the features of 6.5 prior to release but feel free to check out the team's blog for the latest greatest information: http://windowsteamblog.com/blogs/windowsphone/default.aspx

    I'm marking this as answered for our team's internal tracking purposes but feel free to continue to view and post, as can we and others, if there are updates to this thread.

    We appreciate the importance of task management and the capabilities you are looking for.

    Thank you from the Microsoft Windows Mobile Team
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