EXTREMELY slow transfer speeds on Windows 7 to Windows 7 Computers RRS feed

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  • I have a small home network with a total of 5 Windows 7 Professional PCs on them. One is being used as a storage server.

    All 4 connected machines get beyond pathetic transfer speeds ranging from 900bps (yes bytes) to a max of 513kbps. So far I have done EVERYTHING I have found online to solve this issue which includes the following

    Turning off autotuning and rss, turning off RDC, turning off IPv6, and QoS

    I have swapped out the cables, upgraded cables from Cat5e to cat 6, switched out the router. All routers and switches are gigabit, all computers connected have gigabit ports. I've tried setting 1Gbps full duplex on all the machines.

    I have even tried wireless which still maxes out at 1mbps for about 3 seconds before dropping to 200kbps or slower.

    I've tried disabling the antivirus with no change.

    I have changed out drivers updated rolled back you name it I've done it. Updated firmware on the new router still the same issue.  

    Disabled Jumbo Frame, enabled flow control

    I've even tried Total Commander for transferring files and still same issue.

    What else can I possibly do to make my network functional for sharing files?

    To make sure all settings are clear my router has 4 Gigabit ports its Wireless N and Windows 7 Compatible

    All machines have gigabit LAN ports All are realtek.

    All systems are running Windows 7 Professional SP1

    All have current up to date LAN drivers

    All are perfectly able to download from the internet well beyond the limitations of file transfers on my network (getting 500kbps-2mbps download speeds from the internet)

    All drives transfering from and to a 7200rpm and 10krpm hard drives. 

    Tuesday, April 10, 2012 10:35 PM


  • Hello Darkness Soars,

    Thank you for your post!

    As MSDN and TechNet Forums are for IT professionals to post technical questions such as development, testing, deployment, etc. I would suggest posting your question in one of the forums at Microsoft Answers, which helps people troubleshoot problems about Windows, IE, Office and other Microsoft products.

    Located here:


    Hope it would be helpful.

    Dengqiang "Robin" Ren (Chinasoft) EPX Service Engineering Support Team

    Wednesday, April 11, 2012 2:41 AM