What are the restrictions on the target of the federation SRV record? RRS feed

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    I know that the deployment guide specifies sip.<domain> as the canonical target for the _sipfederationtls._tcp.<domain> SRV record, but in practice I see a lot of different targets out there. What I want to know is what the real restrictions are for what that target can be.


    It seems that the target can be nearly any A record as long as it is directly under the SIP domain. For example: myserver.<domain> seems to be ok.


    The target can't be in a subdomain of the SIP domain, e.g. myserver.something.<domain> doesn't seem to work.


    What about a CNAME? Can the target be sip-cname.<domain> where the CNAME record resolves to some arbitrary FQDN?


    Wook Lee

    Thursday, November 29, 2007 7:41 PM