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    just setting up HPC Server with the CTP version.

    We have a Gb Ethernet network for I/O and I was hoping to make use of an infiniband switch and cards which we have in the nodes as well.

    The cards and switch are Mellanox and I have downloaded and installed the WinIB drivers.

    Am I able to use Infiniband natively or do I have to use IP over infiniband?

    As I haven't completed the installation yet, will the network topology wizard offer the infiniband card from the pop-up menu so I can select it for the MPI network?

    Just a couple of other questions, I was intending to cluster the head-nodes and as such I assume I have to use SQL Enterprise as SQL MSDE won't cluster?

    Post install of the WinIB drivers I'm offered checkboxes to enable WinSockDirect and NDI. Can these things coexist or should I decide on one or the other?

    One last Infiniband question, I know I have to run the IB subnet manager service on a node, and I can have another node to act as backup. Is this the best way to do this, or can I cluster the IB subnet manager on the head nodes, so it can fail over?


    Many thanks in advance, this is the first time I have used infiniband ;-)




    Tuesday, April 22, 2008 1:08 PM



    Depending on the drivers you have installed you should be able to use WinSockDirect and/or Network Direct protocols. You do not have to use IP over Infiniband. More info here http://windowshpc.net/Resources/Documents/server%202008%20and%20infiniband.pdf


    If the infiniband driver has been installed then it would be visible in your network configuration and you will be able to select it from the To-Do list.


    You will need to elaborate what you mean by clustering the head nodes however if you mean using Windows Server Failover Clustering Services then the answer is yes you will need to install full SQL.


    WinSockDirect and NDI can coexist.


    Saturday, April 26, 2008 12:08 AM