MSN upgrading to Skype - YEH RIGHT! RRS feed

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  • Looks like another cost cutting is going on, I just recieved an email from MSN saying that it will be soon upgraded into Skype.. Guess what? I already have Skype since 3 years and I have been using MSN messenger for 6 years. Where exactly is the "upgrade" to me? Why don't you just be honest and tell it how it is, namely that you are DISCONTINUING MSN Messanger for some obscured reasons.. This is the second "upgrade hoax" Windows Live is shoving down our throats, but not as bad as the "new-supertechnological-better-than-sex" mail server called Outlook. According to them switching from regular hotmail (in which you can see updates and even chat on msn) to something primitive and obsolate such as Outlook is an "upgrade", when it's obvious to us the fact that it's a BACKGRADE, probably forced upon us due to cost cutting.

    Nice try Windows Live, and let me thank you so much for CANCELLING Msn messenger, leaving me only with Skype.

    Monday, February 18, 2013 4:17 PM