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  • It should be possible to switch this feature off. 

    I nearly missed a critical disk error alert because I ignored the little red flag.

    I ignored the little red flag because it keeps telling me that my daughter's notebook has no antivirus. 

    My daughter's notes book is with her at university and NOT connected to the network at the moment.

    An alert system that, every single day, gives false positives is no alert system.

    It is either something to ignore... or ... well it is nothing.  It is like a broken pencil - pointless.

    All the other alerts are working OK. 

    Please either get this one working properly or tell us how to exclude this particular check.




    Friday, October 15, 2010 6:02 PM

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  • Hello Trevor,

    WHS is just relaying the Laptop's alerts on the Virus Protection state.
    Try switching of these alerts on the Laptop. This should stop Virus protection alerts being sent to the server.

    For Windows XP:
    *  From the Control Panel, open the Windows Security Center and select "Change the way Security Center alerts me" and un-check the checkbox at "Virus Protection".

    For Windows 7 (Vista?):
    *  At the Start menu, type "Action Center" and open it. From there click "Change Action Center Settings" and un-check the "Virus Protection" option.

    - Theo.

    Btw: Even though the laptop is not connected to a network, I would allways advise to install some sort of Virus protection. It could be easely infected through suing a USB-stick, Floppy disk, CD/DVD or someone who knows how to plug-in an ethernet cable :-)


    No home server like Home Server

    Friday, October 15, 2010 9:12 PM
  • Thanks Theo but I can't do that.  The notebook in question is 3.5 hours drive away at university with my daughter.  It has not been attached to the network for the last six weeks. 

    But every day WHS gives me a new red flag that I have to mark as "ignore".

    Why would I set the notebook to stop reporting its own antivirus problems? Would that not be suicidal? 

    The problem lies with WHS - it keeps reporting an antivirus fault on a commuter to which it is NOT connected and which, really, it not any of its business.  

    What would happen if I had a local computer with no external connection (other than the WHS) and that therefore had no NEED for antivirus?  

    Would WHS still give a red flag every day because this computer had no Antivirus? Would this reg flag hide any potential REAL issues that might also be present?

    This is the situation to which I refer, and is (IMO) the most dangerous aspect of WHS.   Because unless I open the console EVERY day and cancel/ingnore this spurious warning I could miss a real one. 

    WHS is (IMO) the best operating system that Microsoft has produced - by a long way.  It does its intended job cleanly, simply, and very well.  

    However it has this major flaw that threatens its trustworthiness and therefore its reliability.


    Friday, October 15, 2010 9:44 PM
  • Trevor, your issue is a result of the way Windows Home Server receives AV alerts from client computers. The AV alert is supplied by the client computer's Security Center. In the process of shutting down a computer, Windows may briefly alert if AV shuts down before the Security Center; you don't normally see this on the client because the UI is shutting down at the same time. But this alert can still be communicated to the server, which will then raise it as an alert to other clients that are set to receive alerts. Everything on the Windows Home Server side of things is really functioning as designed.

    As for what you can do about it: right now, there's really nothing you can do, unless you want to remove your daughter's laptop as a client entirely (something I don't recommend, as you'll lose any backups of that client). Later, when she's home, you can see if setting the Security Center service from delayed start to normal start (or vice versa) will help.

    I'm not on the WHS team, I just post a lot. :)
    Saturday, October 16, 2010 4:07 PM
  • Ken,

    Sorry, but I still maintain that whether an attached computer has antivirus installed or whether it is up-to-date is no direct business of WHS.  It is absolutely NOT a "Critical" WHS issue. 

    It is not role of WHS to dictate the suitable level of security on an attached computer - especially as said computer may have no other external connections.

    At the most, the very most, this should have been a warning.  Critical Messages must be critical to the operation of WHS - otherwise they risk be ignored by calling "wolf" once too often.

    This is, given the otherwise excellent quality of WHS, not a design fault of the highest order.  But, I am adamant that it is a design fault - and a dangerous one!

    There does remain the WHS bug, whereby it continues to report problems with computers to which it is not even connected!

    So, as there appears not to be a registry key to switch off this particular check - I will have to wait for a future service pack release.

    Thanks for your thoughts on this matter.


    Saturday, October 23, 2010 9:06 PM