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  • Does anyone have any tips, tricks, or suggestions for improving conversion rate?
    Monday, October 1, 2007 8:37 PM

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  • Hi There,

    As you accumulate clicks and conversions, you may see opportunities to decrease the steps to a sale.

    ie: Consider the adCenter "Keyword Destination URL" feature to guide a prospect

         to the exact product to buy. 

    Most other conversion enhancing tips are focused on the Landing Page, as discussed below.



    The Top 6 Landing Page Components
    To Optimize for Maximizing Your Conversions

    The following are the top 6 conversion components that should be tested and improved to boost your conversion rates…

    1. Headline - Since your headline is the first line that your visitors will read, the headline of your web page offers the biggest opportunity (about 80% of the opportunity) for improvements in conversion rate. Use headlines that clearly state the biggest benefit(s) that your product offers.
    2. Offer - Since your offer is the “call to action” that asks your visitors to act (purchase, sign up, opt-in), your offer accounts for the second the biggest opportunity for improvements in conversion rate.
    3. Lead - The “lead” or first paragraph is the third biggest opportunity for improvements in your conversion rate. Leads must be written with strong benefits that capture your visitor’s attention and make them want to read more.
    4. Benefits - The “benefit bullets” (bullet-point format) are the forth biggest opportunity for improvements in conversion rate. List your benefits in the order of your product’s “value hierarchy” to your target market. In other words, state your product’s strongest benefit first, and its weakest benefit last.
    5. Images - The images you use have a big impact on your conversion rates. The best practice is to use images that clearly portray the biggest benefit your product offers your customer (rather than generic "feel good" stuff like unknown logos and clip art). Studies show that product images work best when placed to the left of your product description (or lead paragraph) since it makes it easier to read your copy from left to right. Plus, people like to reads “captions” under your images almost as much as they read your headlines. So, add powerful captions and make your images clickable to the order/sign up page.
    6. "Look & Feel" - According to a recent study by Stanford University, 46% of Web sales are lost on web sites that lack the critical elements that build value and trust with website visitors. The number one reason the people indicated why they wouldn't buy from a web site was because it had an unprofessional "look and feel" that lacked credibility and did not "feel" trustworthy. Having a professional look, and trust building tools (such as VeriSign and BBBOnline certifications) help convert significantly more of your web site's qualified visitors into new customers.

    Reference: interactivemarketinginc.com

    Tuesday, October 9, 2007 1:30 PM