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  • so, simple as it seems, where should one look to for HELPFUL and USEFUL info about just what the various cryptic and non descript anacronyms used throughout every aspect of my computer refer to? And more, what the function and/or need for a particular process, app, service or ancillary files like extensions, bins, ect.. as well as some intel on the myriad of extensions used with files on my PC.

    Before the barrage of dismissals from those of far more technical savy than myself, please know that I am aware of the basics and of the basic means for HELP. However, having said this, most of the help is either, below the level of "Idiots guide to computing" or the polar opposite wherein it reads with the assumption that you know more than the average joe.

    In short, for a computer user... typical that is.... not a developer, or builder, or other specific function driven user, that would benefit and would require the more advanced systems and capabilities as seen in higher level programs beyond simple consumer used operating systems? (WinXPpro inparticular)

    My small business is simple it would seem, less than 10 workstations, with 1 server regretablly running the disaster known as SBS2003. I have had escalating issues that can be generalized by the random acts, adds, processes and changes, that stem from sources and are given authority outside of my knowing or without my initiation, approval, need or want. Subsequently, the level of control and of awareness of what is starting, stopping, making changes, or creating hazards that further expose my systems to greater and greater loss of control and with access to information or details that would likely be at least somewhat enlightening insofaras understanding; again, what somerthing can do, could be used for (for good or for not so good) I am ever amazed, in the frustrated and exhausted kinda amazement, at all the directions and developments speeding by and while I read of and can see the use and even the advantages that most new technology and newer programatic counterparts... I do... really. What I am missing somehow, or what I have come to realize where no other has (not realistic), is the equally massive and exponentially more troublesome malicious capabilities of same. To this notion, add that many of these components or features are armed with defaults that demand attention with configuration to establish it is secure to some degree. I picture a screen door, in some cases a swinging open back door. Many built and factory finished configured one way, yet upon reading Microsoft info for it, discovering that as its settings are at default, the permissions, or the assignments given to a new addition, be it a user, a group, a principle, a rule, a right, device or driver, utility or requirment for some capability or enhancement to base functionality; more often than not, the weaknesses, hiccups, countermeasures or faults that call in critical urgency on the user to act in some way to patch, fix, adjust or ammend for it to be safe, be stable, and more importantly, to NOT start cascading faliures or disfunctions that will, due to the nature of computing, interact and interconnect to countless other parts both hard and soft types. In doing so, facilitating the spread and the effects of the infection, disfunction, corruption or disrupption.

    Lastly... and with my sincere gratitude to those who've managed to stay with me here.... Lastly, this raises the questions I have regarding the tons of coutermeasures, of which Ive read and bought and tried all the tops. Butt still, universally there are holes, cracks, obsolesence, workarounds and other challenges that in short order reduce the once reasonable benefits to more of a facade of its original claims or protections. Again, intended for regular and perpetual updates by design to stay functioning the way it should; just as with all that Ive mentioned above, ... this neccessity I understand; however, what of the scenario wherein this portion of the plan gets breached? As in, your updates or definitions are being manipulated or replaced even redirected such that attempts to maintain, to correct, to refresh or to restore are either cloaked and appear to be genuine and appear to function as would be anticipated, only the answers, the repairs, the reliability of the maintainence tasks, scans or updates yeild false results and misleading indicators that suggest you are on level, up to date or safe are untrue and are part of the ways by which such malicious behavior propagates itself, or achieves whatever benefits, (of which I cannot see) it seeks through the chaos left in its wake.

    Its gotten to where it would be far more simple to create a build where you designate a white list of functions and uses, rather than the much much longer black list of unwanted, volatile, advanced or over complicated processes, potential, programs and parts. I now am thinking that my intended short and simple question has ballooned into a unplanned editorial with a handful of questions sprinkled throughout... and more, that it is perhaps being presented to the wrong audience, the very audience for which the complaints about functions or problems has no bearing as these components are essentially OF USE, ARE HELPFUL, and do give benefit to these catagories of users.... even if they simply do not for the people like me. Those for which havoc is greater than help, problems are more apparent than the power to prevent them.

    How about a computer that just wants to be a computer for the day to day... for computing and less to complicate, compound and create newer and wider means to command newer and greater effort just to understand.


    My kingdom for simplicity., once again.


    Any and all input or commentary is welcomed and I thank those for whom this is read as sincere despite a few quips offered in jest.



    Saturday, February 19, 2011 10:15 AM


  • Hi lauderdaler,

    Thanks for your rich post.

    Will you please share us your viewpoint in short on MSTF or products?

    so that we can help you. 

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    Pan Zhang

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    Monday, August 22, 2011 3:30 AM