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  • 1) ok lets say i have a movie on my desktop and the whs finds it and makes a copy into my video folder on the hp.

    then lets say i have a copy of the same movie on an external hd. I imagine whs will copy that too to the video folder. Thus, I will have the same movie duplicated on the hpmediasmart HD. no? can it tell and stop duplicates?

    3) lets say I delete a movie from the desktop. but prior to that the whs made a backup. do i lose the backup as well with the next synchronization?

    thanks sooo much for your help in advance.
    Tuesday, December 22, 2009 4:12 AM

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  • First, you may be under a misapprehension. The backup function and the server shares are completely separate. A file backed up from a PC will not appear in the shares, and vice versa.

    HP included a tool for aggregating your home media with the HP MediaSmart servers. This tool will copy media that it recognizes to your server's shares, preserving enough folder structure to keep from accidentally overwriting files with the same name, so if you have multiple copies of a file it will copy it multiple times, yes.

    Regarding deleting a file from a client computer: the file will no longer be backed up to the server each night, but (as long as there's a backup still on the server that contains the file) it will still be available in the backup database. So no, you don't lose the backup of the file, at least not until all backups containing the file expire and are cleaned up.
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    Tuesday, December 22, 2009 3:18 PM