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  • If you post using IE, then the forum editor inserts an http:// link for anyjthing that looks like a web address, and a mailto: link for anything that looks like an email address.

    The mailto: algorithm is badly broken, because it will hyperlink anything of the form "a@b ". It does not even require the expression to be of the form a@b.c . This creates a situation with numerous false positives, for example see the original post in the thread

    The mailto: link here is totally spurious. The worst thing is that if you view a post like this via NNTP (in plain text mode) the post becomes completely garbled, because the mailto: link gets converted to actual text (either by the bridge or in the client newsreader).

    I would be very surprised if with the current algorithm, the number of false mailto: positives does not greatly exceed the number of valid occurrences.


    1. Get rid of all automatic mailto: links, unless the mailto: is present in the original text

    2. Failing this, improve the algorithm, at the minimum requiring an expression of the form a@b.c .

    A related question: why does the automatic hyperlinking not work if you post with FireFox (even if the text is a complete URL containing http:// or mailto:)?

    David Wilkinson | Visual C++ MVP
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