Problem synchronizing all tables via Windows 7 Client and SQL Server 2008 RRS feed

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  • When calling :



    syncAgent = new Measurement_eFSRCacheSyncAgent();


    SyncStatistics syncStats = syncAgent.Synchronize();

    Only some of my tables are updating on SQL Server 2008,  I am not getting any errors, but MS Synchroniztion is not updating all the tables that have changed.  This is baffling because some are updating/synchronizing accuratley and some are not.

    I have all the tables that need to update to the server have been set to Microsoft.Synchronization.Data.SyncDirection.Bidirectional;

    I am also using the automatically generated syncAgent that VS2008 produces when creating a client side datasource using SQLCe 3.5 sp1.   I was not getting this problem while developing on Windows XP, but the problem started when I upgraded my machine to Windows 7. 

    Can this problem be resolved through a configuration setting that I am not taking advantage of?

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  • There are no known issues on Win7.  The sync designer mentioned above was tested on that OS for Visual Studio 2010.  Try enabling tracing and running sql profiler to determine why the queries being fired are not applying the changes.


    Sean Kelley
    Senior Program Manager
    Sunday, September 13, 2009 10:34 PM