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  • Rick, from your last post:


    This is taken verbatim from the above webpage. 

    Frequently asked questions about the Windows Genuine Advantage Kit


    Q1: How do I purchase the Windows Genuine Advantage Kit?

    You can purchase the Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA) Kit for Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition or for Microsoft Windows Professional online at a reduced price. The price is estimated at $99 for Windows XP Home Edition and $149 for Windows XP Professional. The WGA Kit is not available for Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition.

    If you order the WGA Kit online, a new product key will be sent to you in e-mail when the payment is confirmed. You will also receive the Windows XP CD and media through postal mail within four to six weeks. However, you may not have to reinstall Windows XP.

    The WGA Kit includes Service Pack 2 (SP2). You can also purchase a WGA legalization kit. To do this, visit the following Web site, and then start the validation process:
    http://www.microsoft.com/genuine (http://www.microsoft.com/genuine)
    After you receive the notification that the validation is unsuccessful, click Buy Now.

    Q2: I have not received my Windows Genuine Advantage Kit product key. What should I do?

    A2: To check the order status, refer to your order confirmation e-mail. If you did not receive the order confirmation e-mail or the new product key, contact Microsoft Customer Support at (1) (866) 530-6599.

    If you have a new issue, please feel free to create a new thread.

    Good luck and best wishes,

    Rick, MS

    There is no "Buy Now" button because the validation does not complete.  I have gone through everything in the linked knowledge base article to try and get validation to complete (Microsoft Knowledge Base article # 822798) but none of those solutions fixes the problem with validation not completing.  Why, however, I would need validation to complete to get a "Buy Now" link to buy a validation kit is beyond me.

    I'm trying to point out to you that your process leaves people running around in circles and never gets them to a point where they can guy a WGA Kit.  How can I validate my apparently invalid Windows product key without a WGA kit that I need in order to validate it?  I've talked to WGA chat support, WGA phone support, Customer Service (who want to charge me $59 to go through the same knowledge base "fixes" that don't fix my problem so I can then go spend $149 on a WGA kit when I can buy an OEM full install for $100).

    I really just want someone at this point to admit that the process is broken.  You can't get a WGA kit unless you can complete the validation process, in which case you wouldn't need the WGA kit to begin with.  None of this makes any sense and nothing so far has brought me to the pint that I can validate my copy of Windows.  I can't post a screen shot of the "Validation incomplete" page that proves what I am saying.  Please provide me with an email address that I can send it to so I can prove to you what I am saying.
    Tuesday, September 30, 2008 3:25 PM


  •  DCpunk,

    Contact Microsoft Customer Support at (1) (866) 530-6599. FOR THE WGA Kit. We cannot provide any further support.

    Rick, MS
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