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  • I'd like to suggest the following:


    1. Improvement: Have some kind of ALT tag on the "Rank" column on Summary section - so we can see what numerical value that page has.  And a key at the bottom would be great so we can see whether 5 green is good or bad!


    2. Request: Can we have facility to see more than the top 5 pages?  And what determines the "Top 5" - is it the top 5 highest ranking pages, or most popular in terms of click thrus - or something else?


    3. Improvement: Top links from and to - it says "Top 10" - but I only see 8 - can the heading reflect the number of search results?


    4. Bug: Indexed pages seems a bit erratic and changes, for example, from 3140 to 3250 on refresh and then back again.  I also know I don't have any pages with querystrings and don't have 3140 pages on my site - so is this number accurate?


    5. Bug: On the "top 5 pages" in Summary - I'm showing one page http://www.flyingabroad.co.uk/Airlines/Easyjet.aspx with a last crawled date of 16/11/2007.  From my webstats I can see msnbot came on 29/11/2007 at 08:37.  Does this "Last Crawled" take time to update within your DB?  Any explanation?  This page was just an example and 10 random pages I looked at showed the same time discrepancy.


    Apart from the above, its a good start - but please develop more tools and functionality for webmasters!


    Saturday, December 1, 2007 3:12 PM