Accommodate 960 px (half HD) as the minimum width for this website. RRS feed

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  • It would be awesome if I could arrange my browser window to half of my HD desktop (1920) (for example, by using Windows+Left or Windows+Right window arrangement) and have the MSDN forums website not be horizontally scrolling at that width.  As of today, using chrome-win7, this page does a layout that requires a horizontal scroll bar when the window is less than 1014 pixels wide.  Half of 1920 px is 960 px, which is only a little less than 1014, and I can't imagine I'm in the minority of people that would use their browser in that mode if more sites would accommodate it.  1920 is an extremely popular display width, I'm sure.

    Even if I hide the left bar, the rest of the page (which is very vertically oriented) still does a layout that requires a horizontal scroll bar at those widths.  It seems to to so only to accommodate the width of the header bar, which could be reorganized for smaller width screens, even if it had to take on a different style sheet for the smaller window size.

    Can you please accommodate 960 px as a minimum browser window width to allow for side-by-side window layouts on HD-sized displays without pointless horizontal scrolling?

    Thursday, February 5, 2015 7:55 PM