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  • As of i searched in google, i found many like MS dynamics CRM online, MS dynamics CRM for outlook( online and offline), MS dynamics CRM server etc.. Can anybody distinguish and say what is what?

    Then only i can choose one and try.. As of now i have no requirements. My team head told me to install MS CRM and learn to customize it.He didn't mention  anything. That's why am asking. Don't mind if am anything wrong. I am new to this technologies. Willing to learn more about this.

    Monday, August 2, 2010 11:06 AM


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  • IF you need to learn Dynamics CRM, then you need to install MS Dynamics CRM Server...

    Here is the url to obtain the evaluation version: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyId=A9C110FD-AAC8-4D2A-B401-7801B1866E82&displaylang=en

    You could also evaluate CRM online but you won't have the same capabilities : http://www.microsoft.com/online/dynamics-crm-online.aspx

    My blog : http://mscrmtools.blogspot.com

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    Monday, August 2, 2010 11:12 AM
  • CRM online is located in a datacentre somewhere, the CRM outlook client is installed on a user desktop and integrated into MS Outlook, and the CRM Server you refer to is either on Premise or hosted version that is installed on a Server/VPC/Virtual Machine.

    You probably want to install the Server version on a Virtual PC running windows 2008 or 2003 with SQL Server 2005 or 2008. Or you can download a VPC with it already setup. Download from here if you are microsoft partner https://partner.microsoft.com/UK/40049054

    MSCRM Bing'd - http://bingsoft.wordpress.com
    Monday, August 2, 2010 11:14 AM
  • Thanks guys. Then i have downloaded the server version and trying to install it in windows server 2003. Its asking more prerequisites. So the process still going. Mainly its asking me to install ms visual c++ runtime again and again. Even i installed it(Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package (x86)) three times and restarted. Now trying to install via the install button in that UI.

    Then, i subscriped for the 30 days trial of MS CRM online. Now i can access it. Now i have a confusion that how to do customizations in a cloud environment. Is it possible it make make effect of the changes we do in our desktop in CRM online? How to do customizations in that? I don't think i can learn in that. If so, tell the suggestion.

    Monday, August 2, 2010 11:22 AM
  • Is there any reason why you need to learn customisation of the online version? The On premise server version will give you a better/complete platform to learn CRM on. 
    MSCRM Bing'd - http://bingsoft.wordpress.com
    Monday, August 2, 2010 11:27 AM
  • No specific reason. Just an eagerness to know whether is it possible to do customizations in that or not. Nothing more that that.

    Then, after i install server version in my server, how to access it? from my local machine or from that server only? Do i need to install the software in the local machine or any other way?

    Monday, August 2, 2010 11:31 AM
  • Hi,

    you should be able to access through http://computername/orgname/loader.aspx

    Mahain : http://mahenderpal.wordpress.com
    Monday, August 2, 2010 11:45 AM
  • You only need to install the CRM Outlook client on your local machine if you want to use it.

    The online version has some limitations but this might interst you




    With regards to how to access your CRM app depends on what you want to do and how your environment is setup. For example if it is installed on a networked server then you can access it from your web browser as Mahender has demonstrated above, from you local machine. If you use a VPC then access it from within your VPC, etc...

    MSCRM Bing'd - http://bingsoft.wordpress.com
    Monday, August 2, 2010 11:46 AM
  • Thanks guys. You are clearing my doubts in a successful way. thanks a lot. I don't think that you guys mistake me if i ask silly questions. Since am new to this, am asking all to learn.

    Now my next question is where should i install SDK? In server or in local machine? how to make effect of the customizations i made in sdk?

    Monday, August 2, 2010 11:53 AM
  • you can install SDK on any computer,

    But i did not get your second question ( how to make effect of the customizations i made in sdk) ???

    you can customize CRM from Setting area (setting->customization->customize entity)

    Mahain : http://mahenderpal.wordpress.com
    Monday, August 2, 2010 11:57 AM
  • Monday, August 2, 2010 12:01 PM
  • Ok thank you. Can more number of users(technical peoples) do customizations via SDK installed in their local machine to make changes in the CRM software installed in server? Is it like normally granting access to them in sql server db?

    Where we write the codings? in sdk?

    Then difference between CRM live and On premise/Hosted?

    Monday, August 2, 2010 12:11 PM
  • I will suggest you to go through SDK documentation first before starting CRM development.

    Accessing CRM Database directly is not supported,you can use CRM webservices or CRM API for development.

    go for below links



    Mahain : http://mahenderpal.wordpress.com
    Monday, August 2, 2010 12:21 PM
  • Thanks. The links were very interseting. Then, i am not asking about accessing CRM db directly, i am asking that is it possible for more number of users(technical people) do CRM development from their local machine to meet client requirements?  How the logins will be provided for them to access CRM software through http://computername/orgname/loader.aspx

    Monday, August 2, 2010 12:39 PM
  • You can add more users to CRM and give them security rights like System Administrator or System Customizer and more then one user can customise CRM entities though be careful as to which entities are being modified by each user as they may overwrite someone elses changes.
    MSCRM Bing'd - http://bingsoft.wordpress.com
    Monday, August 2, 2010 12:49 PM
  • Thanks a lot for your answers guys. I learnt a lot today. Today only i found this blog. Hereafter daily i will ask doubts. I can learn a lot i think. Happy about learning. Last but not least question today, What are the basic knowledge i should have to do CRM development? What are the languages i use to do customizations?
    Monday, August 2, 2010 1:04 PM
  • Javascript for CRM customisations on Entity forms and c# or VB.net in visual studio for plugins/custom workflow and custom applications.
    MSCRM Bing'd - http://bingsoft.wordpress.com
    Monday, August 2, 2010 1:08 PM
  • Thanks a lot...
    Monday, August 2, 2010 1:09 PM