ISA Server Proxy connecting to MSDN RRS feed

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  • I can browse MSDN all day long at work through our Microsoft ISA Proxy Server - until I get to a point where I have to log in (i.e. provide my password). 

    Then, I can still get here to ask a question, but submitting it always fails. The server reports a timeout, and our network administrator says it has something to do with Microsoft's headers having spaces that our old ISA Server does not know how to interpret.

    This is really hurting my productivity at work! I can't access any help on MSDN, because it first tries to log you in. I can access any of Microsoft's forums, etc. Basically, once I log in and get my first timeout, every site with msdn.microsoft.com will timeout until I go in and clear all of my cache - of course, then I'm not logged in anymore either.

    Could someone offer some help with getting this resolved?

    I will be listening, but I can not respond from work (I am at home now).

    Thanks for your help,

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    Wednesday, September 29, 2010 4:00 AM