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  • I am trying to add a Speech Server Application through Code using Vbscript. Below is Vbscript.

    strComputer = "."
    Set objWMIService = GetObject("winmgmts:\\" & strComputer & "\root\MSSV2")
    Set objPeerClass = objWMIService.Get("Application")
    Set objPeer = objPeerClass.SpawnInstance_()
    objPeer.Name= "ApplicationOne"
    wscript.echo "Created Application= " & objPeer.Name

    Above Script gives Error Number 80041031. Please help me to remove this Error.

    Thursday, April 10, 2014 2:25 PM

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  • Hi,

    Try this VB script 

    strText = "Welcome Vinay Kumar"

    Set objVoice = CreateObject("SAPI.SpVoice")
    objVoice.Speak strText 

    Wscript.echo "Welcome Vinay Kumar"


    Vinay Kumar.

    Friday, April 11, 2014 9:13 AM
  • I am looking for a Vbscript which will create a new Application in Speech Server. Your Solution is not helping me for that.

    Monday, April 14, 2014 7:41 AM