Problems with adding columns to the Quote Product view in Quotes RRS feed

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  • Hi guys

    I am trying to sort out what appears to be a simple request that has become a bit mind bending!

    We are a professional services firm and we sell days of PS such as consulting, engineering, project management.  I am sure you get the drift.

    I am using the excellent Documents Core Pack to create PDF quotes and this is working superbly.

    The issue is that for each price list item we need to create a brief description, for example: -

    Consulting - Full Day (Price list name) 1 day required to remediate existing IT build (for example)

    I have created a custom field in the quote product entity and this is working.  What is not working is that despite adding this as a column to a new view, the product name disappears!  I do not know if this is a bug but it makes it pretty hard to work with.  

    So, I can see one, or the other in two separate views, screen shots would be easier but I am hoping this describes the issue.

    To a lesser problem level, I have also  the ability to reorganise the rows (up and down arrows) on a custom view and of course I cant add the additional column (description) to the system view and have it show.

    I hope you can help


    Wednesday, December 18, 2013 3:34 PM