bit locker decrypt hanging/frozen after correct password used RRS feed

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  • I recently encrypted my drive with bit locker. After a restart, I unlocked one of the drives fairly easy. Just took a while.

    I then tried to unlock my other drive. When I entered the password, it froze and didn't do anything. I went in to task manager and it said bit locker was "not responding". I went in to file explorer and explorer.exe was stuck. I restarted my machine. Everything went fine and I tried again, this time with the key associated with my account. Same thing. So I hit up microsoft advisors.

    One told me to start the bitlocker service, whci was already started and then try to reboot in to safe mode, which by the way does not allow the bit locker service to run. Then two others told me to download the windows upgrade utility which I did and upgraded from windows 10 pro to windows 10 pro......no idea why they told me to do that. They obviously don't know what they were talking about.

    I then downloaded a trial version of a recovery tool, which said it would take 11 hours to recover, so I stopped it 10 min in. It did however display the folders that were in the drive, but I would have to pay to get them.

    I then tried the repair-bde in cli, but it needed a drive bigger than the one I have. I have a terabyte drive, but there was no where close to a terabyte of data on there. 

    Now I am running "manage-bde -unlock -pw <drive letter>". I tried a bad password just to see if it was the program erroring before even reading my password and it immediately said my password was bad. So I used the good one and now it is just hanging there. I think it is working, but not sure. I ran manage-bde -status, but that is also hung. I think it is doing stuff, but not sure. TPM is not enabled.

    I am taking a test tomorrow and the VM I am using is in the bit locked drive and I can't do anything now. I am so screwed. Anyone know how to fix this or at least find out if it is actually working?

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