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  • Hello,

    We have two Sora machines, A and B. We test these two machine with very simple sender and receiver scenario. 

    A is sender and B is receiver. Both machines operate under 802.11a. The distance between two machines is less than 2 meters. 
    For every 1000 packets B received, roughly 3% ~ 5% of them are duplicate.
    For every 1000 packets A transmitted, about 50% of the packets are re-transmission.

    Now if we swap sender and receiver. B becomes sender and A is receiver.
    For every 1000 packets A received, about 50% of packets are duplicate.
    For every 1000 packets B transmitted, about 60% of them are re-transmitted-packet.

    I guess we did not set the gain value appropriately. There is no significant improvement after we tried different combinations. 

    Does anyone have any idea on setting up the values for txgain and rxgain. Any suggestions?

    By the way, we have another Sora board, its D1 LED never light up. Is that means this Sora board may have any potential hardware problem?  

    Thank You So Much

    Friday, November 15, 2013 1:46 AM

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  • Just try to clarify your description.

    1. "Now if we swap sender and receiver" means you switch the two RCB boards on two PCs?

    2. What applications are you using? Are they umxsdrbrick.exe and iperf?

    I guess that the RXPA or RX_GAIN or frequency offset are not set to proper values. You have 2 options

    1. Try to use the tool HwVeri.exe to auto tune the parameters for RXPA and RX_GAIN

    2. Try to experiment with UDP packets in Adhoc Mode in umxsdrbrick.exe. You can tune the parameter and dump on another PC, then check the signal quality in sdscope-11a.exe.

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    Thursday, November 21, 2013 12:22 PM
  • Hello Qi,

    Thanks for your advises. But I still have question on getting HwVeri.exe works with our machines.

    Currently, it keep giving us a prompt window and producing message "Error: no radio discovered" when I execute this program.

    There is no way I can see the normal user interface. We could not figure out why it happens.

    Please take a look at this post:


    Thanks for your time



    Thursday, November 21, 2013 5:51 PM