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  • WHS installed on homegrown server. PP3 is installed and it seems to work as expected. Backups run on schedule, and shares are accessible. I have PP3 on a Vista Ultimate client and the corresponding connector installed. Outside media center, all seems well.

    On the Vista client I'm playing with media center for the first time. I successfully recorded a TV episode overnight and it worked. However, it does not appear in the Recorded TV share on WHS, the goal of my plan.

    In WMC> Home Server> TV Archive, Settings, I have "Move recordings to my home server" checked and do not have "Archive all recordings automatically" checked. Lacking further documentation, I expected WMC to automatically move all recordings to WHS, when complete. That is not what I observe. I looked in Recorded TV on WHS and nothing's there.

    What is the meaning of the verbs "Archive ..." and "Move ..." in the context of this application? With respect to the local storage, at what point does it remove them? I have plenty of storage on the local drive but want to make the recorded show accessible from WSH by other clients immediately after recording is complete. Do I need to set "Archive all recordings automatically"? Or does that take effect only if the defined local space limits are reached?
    Sunday, October 11, 2009 3:19 PM

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  • I installed PP3 and a Windows 7 RTM WMC yesterday and found the same issue you have.  Looks like the default is "Move recordings to my home server".  I'm thinking this is Windows 7 specific.  I checked "Archive all recordings automatically" and the recordings are getting moved to WHS.  It appears though there is no option to control when they get moved or it least I can't find it.  Not sure I like this set-up since I don't want to have my network overwhelmed during certain time periods.
    Monday, October 12, 2009 12:23 AM