WSH Does Not Recoginze Other PCs? RRS feed

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  • Besides the WSH box, I've got 3 other PCs on the same LAN: two desktop boxes and a laptop that is sometimes disconnected.

    As of 11/26, it recognized and backed up 2 of them per a schedule - the third being the laptop that was offline that day but got backed up on 11/24 along with the others.

    Some time after that date, it stopped recognizing and backing up all 3.

    Note that the computer names are greyed out in the screen snap below, which I take to mean that WSH is not seeing said PCs.

    OTOH, the WSH PC is able to open up connections into shares on the three other PCs.

    One PC and I'd start looking to see what's wrong on that PC.

    But all 3 at the same time, beginning on the same date?

    Only thing I can think of that would fit that is something with Windows' automatic system updates.

    Possible causes?
    Friday, December 18, 2009 1:49 PM